America's Fight for Universal Progress from Franklin to Kennedy with Author and Historian Anton ChaitkinListen now (93 min) | "Power in history is what we're aiming for, the power of human beings to do good.”
"We choose to go to the Moon" - JFK on Space Exploration Watch now (2 min) | “That goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills…And new hopes for knowledge and peace are there.”
Lynne Hancock - Nuclear Times Newsletter of the United Steel Workers Watch now (31 min) | The nuclear energy economy provides high skilled, high paid, union jobs
Jim Key President Atomic Energy Workers Council United Steel Workers Watch now (25 min) | The Future of Union led Nuclear Energy in America
End Eco-Colonialism and Free Africa’s Nuclear Energy with Princy Mthombeni Watch now (21 min) | “I'm a humanitarian at heart. So I see nuclear as a vehicle that will deliver prosperity to the African continent.”
Nuclear Surplus Energy: China vs. United StatesWatch now (3 min) | “China is building more reactors than the rest of the world has built over the past 35 years.”
Killing People with a Bad Electrical Grid - Meredith Angwin: Author of Shorting the GridListen now (38 min) | “People die when you can't get the grid operating.”
CEOs Screwing Workers Watch now (26 min) | With Sarah Anderson of the Global Economy Project at IPS and Co-Editor of
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